Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques – How to De-Stress Yourself Instantly

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There’s no one in the history of humankind who doesn’t go through the stress & tension in his / her life. Work, Personal Life, Relationships, Finances, there are countless reasons for stress to enter our lives. The word ‘Stress’ may sound very common today, but, if not taken care of, this can be the reason for serious mental & physical health issues.

We should always remember that situations will never be in our control, but taking that situation and handling it, is totally in our hands. I know this may sound senseless especially when we are going through such negative conditions. We obviously cannot change the situation as per our wish, but we can definitely be more strong and less stressed during bad times. Any issue or problem can only be resolved with a relaxed and motivated mindset. 

There are many techniques to reduce stress. Doing Yoga & Meditation is the most popular yet very powerful method to reduce stress levels in long term. I, personally, doing meditation for 1 month now. And I can’t describe here the amount of peace it has gifted to me. Yoga is also very effective to find balance in every aspect of life.

But Today, we will explore some more amazing techniques which not only will help you to reduce stress instantly, but you’ll also enjoy them while doing, I promise. 🙂

So, Let’s Start.

1. Social Media Detox

This should be the first step we must take while we’re feeling disturbed. We usually go to social media to get some entertainment for a moment but end up getting more disturbed seeing other’s pictures & posts. It happens because we start to compare our lives to them.

Therefore, it’s better to cut down from social media for some time and spend time with yourself and your loved ones, who really care for you.

2. Have some warmth

Getting warmth in any form gives us a feeling of relaxation. Be it mild sunlight or a cozy blanket. We feel fresh and calm at the same time. Whenever you’re feeling stressed, Have some warm drink like warm water with a pinch of lemon & mints, green tea, herbal tea, or black coffee.

Whenever I feel stressed, I usually shut down the work for some time and get a nice ginger tea always.

3. Relax the body

This may sound so common, but getting a gentle touch relaxes and soothes each muscle of the body. Taking a hot water bath, a gentle body massage, or simply head massage can make you feel the best at the moment. These help you to release stress, especially at a physical level.

For me, the most impactful method is, when I dip my feet in hot water. I can literally feel all the stress releasing out in the hot water via my feet. This is one of the most amazing experiences I have in my life. Guys try this even if you’re not stressed but feeling physically tired.  It gives me instant relaxation to each part of my body, including the mind.

4. Fragrance does the magic

Studies have shown that our sense of smell has a direct connection with our memory & feelings part of the mind. It also has a term, called ‘Aromatherapy’. Keep your environment fresh and scented with your favorite fragrance. Scented candles and fresheners near you, instantly make you stress-free and fill you with such positive and fresh feelings.

5. Keep changing the place

Sometimes working or doing the same thing in the same place can also make you boring and uninterested in work. Try to change the location of your workplace, or re-arrange the stuff at another place. It shifts your energy instantly and hence breaks the chain of your negative thoughts.

6. Pay attention to breathes

Whenever you feel disturbed or anxious, paying full attention to breaths can instantly give you a wave of peace. Just shut the work for some time, sit in a comfortable space, close your eyes and start to take deep and long breathes.

Breathes are the sign of our existence. It gives us life. Exhaling out, will also remove all the stress and tension out, while Inhaling will fill you with relaxation and clarity of thoughts. Each cell of your body rejuvenates with new life.

7. Take a Break

Sometimes, when you feel stuck somewhere, Things are not working out as you want, and the Situations are not in your control. Leave everything for some time and Take a Break, go for a vacation, spend time with your loved ones, Spend time with yourself. Even if you don’t want to do anything, Do nothing. Utilize your time to do whatever makes you happy at that moment.

Taking these kinds of breaks will set you free of any pressure. Hence you can think in another way. You can see your problems from a different perspective. This technique will be very helpful when you are confused to take any decision in life.

8. Talk to the people

This may sound a little different to the people, who like to spend time alone. I am one of them. Being an introvert, I always crave solitude, when I feel stressed. But sometimes this can lead to overthinking.

Hence, it is very important to keep communicating with people, exchanging happiness and problems. This way, you can forget your worries for some time. 

You can talk with your neighbors and friends. There is a good saying, which concludes that “Happiness multiplies, and Problems Divide when shared”.

9. Help others

Helping People Selflessly is the most overwhelming thing in the world. When you see people happy because of you, it gives you immense pleasure as well as a sense of achievement. Life seems to be meaningful which eventually helps you lowers your tension and encourages you to live with maturity.

10. Pets are the best healer

It is scientifically proven that spending time with animals, helps to reduce Cortisol, which is a stress-related hormone. Animals are the most innocent creatures and love you unconditionally. If you have pets or even if you like animals, you could relate to how amazing it feels when they are around us. Apart from stress, they also reduce loneliness, increase social bonding, and lift the mood.

11. Spend Time with nature

We’re made up of nature. Hence going back to nature is like a homecoming. Spending time with plants, the sea, and mountains reminds you of your roots and makes you grounded. Huge mountains, oceans also make us realize that how tiny we are and so our problems.

This feeling is enough to forget all your worries and fills you with new and fresh energy.

12. Trust the process

Last but most important, Situations and time are never permanent. If anything is going wrong in your life, Just remember ‘This too Shall Pass”. In fact, Negative situations come to improve us and help us to grow. Hence completely trust the process and enjoy every bit of the present moment.

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