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5 Habits that made My Work-Life more Efficient

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Productivity is something, that everyone needs in their work and personal life to become more efficient. With the addition of some productive habits, we can give more output in our work which can lead us to be more successful and mentally satisfied.

Time management, Making To-Do Lists, Pre-planning, etc. are some common but most important productivity habits that we must include in our routine to make work-life seamless.

Since last year, I’ve also made some productive changes in my lifestyle. I am sharing those 5 personal productive habits, which helped me a lot to become more sorted and organized throughout my daily routine.

Here they are:

Digital Detox

 I am not sure if digital detoxing should be included in productivity habits or not, but because of practicing this habit, I become less distracted from social media &  as a result, I could spend more time doing other important stuff, which ultimately improved my productivity.

What I understood from the term ‘digital detoxing’ is to stay away from phones or any other electronic device for a particular period and also to reduce your time on social media usage.

In this digital age, it is obviously not possible for me to get completely cut out from my phone for the whole day, So I chose certain time intervals throughout the day when I could completely stay away from social media.

  • In the morning, just after waking up I usually avoid switching ON the data/internet of phone at least for 1-2 hours, unless there’s no emergency or some important work to do.  I usually start to use my phone, after finishing all my important morning activities.
  • I also try not to use phone when I am in middle of some work. Initially it was difficult for me to not checking phones in between since it was a habit. but then I made a rule that, if I am doing some work, then I will not be going to check my phone for at least 20 minutes (This ic called Pomodoro Technique to improve focus on work). This way I also started focusing more on the task I am doing.
  • I also try not to see phone when I am talking or listening to someone. This way I can pay full attention to the person, who is communicating with me. Also, it shows a good gesture & importance towards that person.
  • In the night, I never forget to switch off the internet at least 15 mins before, going to sleep.

Making To-Do List

This is the habit that I follow since childhood. I make a ‘To-Do List’ daily in the morning before starting my day. I write down all my tasks related to office, work, and personal stuff. I even include every smallest task like watering the plants or even do cleaning, dusting, etc.

After writing all the tasks, I use the ‘NNN method’ to categorize them and prioritize every task through their importance on that day & then start to work accordingly.

Read here – The ‘NNN’ Method & How can we manage our time.

I observed that because of making daily ‘TO-DO List’. I get a broad vision of the whole day already and it keeps me less distracted from other unwanted tasks. Also, because I prioritize the written tasks through the ‘NNN’ method, it gives me clarity for what is more important to do for the day.

Making a To-do list gives you the blueprint of the daily tasks, but prioritization makes me sorted and ensures that I am going right. This increased my productivity in a better way.

I’d also like to add here that there are most of the days when I couldn’t be able to follow ‘TO-DO List’ and that, I feel, is completely fine.

Initially, I used to take stress or pressure to go strictly with the ‘To-Do list’ But by time, I realize that sometimes it’s also good to just go with the flow. Isn’t It. 😊

Side Hustling

Before telling you about, how side hustling helped me to increase my productivity, let me tell you what ‘Side Hustle’ actually means to me.

We all do some job, business, or any work to make financial earnings, through which we can fulfill all our basic needs and can handle daily expenses.

But when we work on something which is totally based on our interest or hobby, by taking out some extra time from the day. It is called ‘Side Hustling’

In short, we can say that Hustling means ‘Working for yourself. When you hustle for your passion side by side.

Now, coming to me, I am not doing anything big in terms of side hustle. But yes, I started working towards my interest. I write blog posts related to health & productivity (Yes, this post is also a part of a side hustle 😊).

 Most of the time it becomes quite challenging to handle both the office work and side work along with homework. But I am taking very small steps towards it and moving slowly but continuously.

Because of Side hustling, I gain so much not only in productivity but also in terms of life lessons, like-

  • I am learning new skill every day and exploring the things of which I have never heard before.
  • Because of side hustling, I started to value time more. Now I can’t just waste the time for the sake of enjoyment.
  •  Hustling made me to work for myself. Because of this, I realized the importance and criticality of my current active job. Now I respect my work and my boss. more than before.

This in turn has improved my productivity on a completely different level.

Start Journaling

Journaling means recording your personal experiences and your thoughts in a diary /notebook/journal. You can also write your goals and track them, you can write habits you want to inculcate or anything you’re planning to do.

In short, Journaling is to write all your mind with feelings on a paper. It is like sharing your experience with yourself.

I am doing journaling from the time when I didn’t even know that, writing your thoughts is called ‘Journaling’ in the outer world.

I always used to maintain my diary from a very early age. Since I was always an introverted child by nature, I prefer writing down my thoughts & experience on paper rather than sharing it with anyone else. Journaling or Writing down my feelings on paper was the best thing I could do for myself.

Now when I am all grown up and aware of journaling and how it transforms your life incredibly. I enjoy it doing regularly.

I usually write in the morning or anytime when I feel emotionally more vulnerable like when I am more happy or excited or even sad or stressed.

Benefits of Journaling

I can’t express my words that how amazingly journaling can contribute to one’s life. Journaling not only helped me in improving my productivity but also improved my mental health.

For a person like me, who usually talks less, Journaling is the best medium to write your feelings out. I actually feel very light after journaling. This gives me a sort of mental peace and relaxation.

Through Journaling, I can also find out my goals, write them, and make a proper plan to achieve them. Also, I can track my progress regularly.

I can also track my habits which I want to include in my lifestyle.

I also maintain a gratitude journal, through which I thank everyone, everything, and every moment of my life. This gives me so much positivity.

Monthly Budgeting

I believe that Monthly Budgeting is something that every person does in their own way. Monthly Budgeting is the most fundamental, yet the most important thing we can do to track our finances.

I also included the habit of making a monthly household budget in my life. I broadly categorize my whole monthly expenses into 3 categories and assign a fixed budget for every expense.

  1. Fixed monthly expenses or we can say expense, we need to do for our living, like- Groceries, Bills, Rent, etc.,  
  2. Savings, i.e. All my investments.
  3. The variable expenses (which can change every month) like outing, shopping, travelling, etc.

Benefits of Budgeting

  • Because of budgeting, I can track where all my money is going, in which area I need to save more, etc.
  • I assign a particular amount for every expense. Example – For Grocery shopping – I always assign from 4K-5k. because of this, I can my limit my expenses which leads me to buy the things that are really important.
  • I always make sure that apart from savings, I always maintain some emergency funds. It helps me to prepare for emergencies.

All in all, Budgeting keeps me financially sorted and less worried about the bills & expenditures. Because of budgeting, I can focus and plan properly on my future financial goals. It gives a great boost to my financial productivity.

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