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How to remove toxins from your body in just 10 minutes | Oil Pulling – Ayurvedic Method of Detoxification | Amazing Benefits

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I can’t stress enough the fact that if you are clean from inside, no disease can ever touch you. And there is one method which is the most ancient and effective method of detoxifying the body from the inside out is “Oil Pulling”. So let’s Know more about Oil Pulling, Its benefits, How to do it, precautions, Side effects & more.

Along with detoxification, there are various health benefits that only the oil-pulling method can provide. But before going into it, we should actually need to understand properly what this ‘detoxification’ means and why it is that important for us. 

So basically, De-Toxification means ‘Removal of all toxins from the internal body’. Now we can elaborate it like this:

Mother nature has already programmed our body in the way that it can automatically clean itself internally through 1. Excretion (food & water), 2. Sweating (water, body fat, etc.) & 3. Sneezing (dust particles) and maintains a balance inside. As a result, this helps us function normally in our daily routine and improves our metabolism, which helps maintain our body weight, Immunity, etc.

Now the question is if our body is already cleaning by itself, why should we put effort into it and the necessity of detoxification by ourselves.

The Need For Detoxification

 In today’s modern life, we inhale polluted air, we eat unhealthy stuff more regularly like packaged food, fast food, processed food, etc. Food which does not come directly from nature is extremely difficult for our bodies to digest.

They actually accumulate & stick to the walls of our intestine & form a thick layer of bacteria & viruses. It may sound weird to you but do you know The pizza that you eat one year ago may still be sitting inside your stomach !!

This thick layer of toxic waste then gets transported into various organs of your body through the blood stem causing disease respectively.

If thick toxic layer transported to your skin-layer -> Causes Acne,

Similarly, If it is transported to respiratory pipe -> blocks the airways & can cause asthma,

And, If it sticks to the intestine -> causes constipation, and constipation is the root of many diseases

Hence it is very much important to remove these toxic wastes and cleanse out our bodies daily. There are many ways to do the detox process.

Why Oil-Pulling Method is Best

Oil-pulling is a very simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective method to detoxify your body which is originated in India. It is mentioned in the oldest ayurvedic text ‘Charak Samhita’ as ‘Kavala-Gandusha’ (Sanskrit) in which Kavala means ‘Gargling’ and Gandusha means (Holding fluid in the mouth). It was used as a daily ritual to clean out the mouth, teeth, and gums.

Today modern science also considers oil-pulling as one of the best methods by seeing its amazing health benefits and making it extremely popular even in the west. If this method is practiced routinely, it claims to cure more than 30 systematic diseases including Arthritis, Insomnia, PCOD, Constipation, Migraine, etc.

The best part is that it is very easy to do with just one small ingredient (Oil) that may be much cheaper in price than a multi-vitamin tablet. This is a ‘Tried & Tested’ method and its benefits are amazing.

How to do Oil-Pulling

This should be practice with an empty stomach (ideally in the morning). You just need to put one tablespoon full of any cold-pressed or refined edible oil like coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, or any other Kachchi Ghani oil inside your mouth and hold or swish it for around 10-20 minutes, and then spit it out.

Now It may seem so much of time to you but don’t worry, you can utilize this time to make breakfast, watering the plant, Make your bed, read a book, walking or make your office or college bag.

After 20 mins (when you throw it out), the oil will become milky white since it contains all the internal toxins not only from your mouth but from your body too. Sounds weird, let me explain:

How Oil-Pulling Works

When you mix Oil & Water, they separate, but they combine readily when you mix Oil & Oil. The micro-organisms are present in the form of fats & Lipids inside the body. so when we pull oil inside the mouth, it will act as a magnet and attach all micro-organisms with itself. 

This should be noted that when we spit out the oil, it will bring out all the bacterial waste from the whole body. This is because our tongue is attached to all our major body parts such as kidneys, Hearts, Lungs, Small Intestine, and spine through Veins.

Did you ever notice, when you went to any doctor for a check-up, he/she asked to open your mouth & stretch the tongue out to check you? This is because the mouth is the mirror of our internal body. Seems interesting, Right.

Thus, when you do oil-pulling, it sucks out all the toxins from your entire body through veins (you will feel pressure near your throat) and make it clean and toxin-free.

Benefits of Oil-Pulling

Using this technique, There are many benefits reported including:

  1. All kinds of Oral health benefits like whiter teeth, healthy gums, better breathe, Cavity free and Plaque free mouth.
  2. The continuous swishing of oil inside the mouth actually makes you do facial exercise, giving you a chiseled jawline.
  3. Clears your Skin and makes Acne free.
  4. Improves your digestion.
  5. It helps in healing from serious issues like migraine, PCOD, arthritis, hypertension, etc. 

In a nutshell, if your body is toxin-free, no disease can stay inside it and Oil Pulling does the same.

Who Can do Oil Pulling  

ANYBODY…!!  Yes, everyone should practice oil-pulling, including kids, youngsters, adults, and old-age people. Even pregnant women can also do it. Just for the people who are having some tooth-fillings or dental braces fitted must practice a little carefully.


 Though there are few points you need to know before using the technique:

  1. Do not swallow the oil while swishing. Since it contains bacteria and toxins. Try to take a small amount of oil.
  2. Preferably use coconut oil because it has more antibacterial properties and negligible pungent taste or smell so that you will not feel any kind of nausea because of smell.
  3. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water as soon as you spit the oil.
  4. Do Not Eat or Drink something for a maximum of 15-20 mins after oil-pulling.
  5. Do not Spit the oil directly into the sink as it can cause clogging of the pipe. Instead, spit it in a trash can or paper towel.


If you are using the oil-pulling method putting the above precautions in your mind, there are no side-effects found till now except the FAT-LOSS which is positive though.

Bottom Line

Personally, I found oil-pulling more effective than any other technique. Just wake up, drink water, oil pull, brush your teeth and the day is yours. Also, there is almost no effort comparing to its rewards.

Just keep in mind that it is the method of detoxification. Hence all your oral practices like brushing teeth, cleanings, flossing, and consultation from the dentist should remain the same in your routine.

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