Mistakes while drinking water

5 Common Mistakes to avoid while drinking Water

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Water is the most basic element of our body. It is said that the human body is made up of 60% of fluids including water. If this proportion gets disturbed in the body, it will cause dehydration and other serious diseases. Thus, to maintain this proportion, we must have enough quantity of water every day. 

When we said ‘Enough Quantity’ of water, it never means that to drink water in excess amount, even when you’re not feeling thirsty. The only motto here is to always have a balanced amount of water intake (Neither too little nor too much).

In fact, rather than focusing on how much amount of water we intake, we should focus on the correct way of having it like when and how to drink or to not drink water. There are many sources today that tells us to have more and more water in a day(3-5 liters per day), which is quite correct up to a certain point, but then we should also have the proper guidance for the correct method, time & place of having water. Otherwise, there will not be any positive effect of just consuming water. In fact, drinking water in the wrong way can cause many harmful effects in long term.

Just Like Food & Sleep, we should also take water seriously because it is important for our survival. But most of the time, to complete the goals of just drinking water, we usually make many common mistakes while having it.

Let’s Find out the 5 common mistakes we make while drinking water and try to avoid them in the future.

  1. Drinking-Water During Meals
  2. Drink Water Without Feeling Thirsty
  3. Drinking Chilled Water
  4. Drinking-Water in Standing Position
  5. Gulping Water While Drinking


Drinking-Water During Meals

This is the very general mistake that we usually make by drinking water while having our meals. When we drink water during meals, it dilutes the digestive juices (used to digest the food), thus it disturbs digestion and because of bad digestion, constipation, acidity, heartburn can be the outcome.

The second reason is, when we drink water between meals, our stomach gets full. Hence, we can’t get the right nutrition from the food we are having.

Correct Way – We should always drink water ‘½ an hour before meal‘ & ‘1 hour or 90 minutes after having a meal. This will keep the right concentration of our enzymes and hydrochloric acid which will really help in smooth digestion.

But do you know, it is advisable to include some kind of liquid in our meals. They can be buttermilk, fruit juice, lemon juice, etc. But Pure Water is definitely not allowed.

Drink Water Without Feeling Thirsty

As I mentioned above, there are many sources today that tell that we should drink 3-5 liters. of water per day, but in the real scenario, it is not practical for most people to drink this much quantity of water, in fact, many people had experienced swelling on the face and legs because of its excess intake.

Excess water in your body can cause Hyponatremia which is low sodium in your blood. It can harm the functionality of the brain, Blood Pressure, and Kidney.

 Correct Way – Ayurveda, which is the ancient medical approach, also says that we should only drink water when we feel thirsty. Our body is the best guide to tell us when we need water, and it will automatically create an urge to have water and we’ll feel thirsty.

Drinking Chilled Water

When we drink normal temperature water, our body needs approx.20 mins to pass it through the stomach and intestines properly.  When we drink hot or lukewarm water, our body takes 8-10 mins hardly to pass through all the organs.

But When we drink chilled water, our body has to use lots of energy to convert it into the normal temperature in the stomach first, then only it can pass through the small intestines and ahead.

It will lower the energy of the stomach and can cause many stomach-related diseases, hampers digestion, and also causes cold.

Correct Way – Practice consuming lukewarm water especially in the morning, it makes it easy for the body to detoxify the toxins and make digestion so smooth. It also keeps your blood circulation intact. Having Normal Water during summers is appreciated, but then also, water should not be so chilled.

Drinking-Water in Standing Position

This is the mistake with which I can personally relate to. My Father always had the strict rule of not drinking water in a standing position. Whenever I  did that, he used to scold me and made me sit while having water. Today when I know the scientific reason behind it, I am so thankful for him to inculcate this good habit in me.

When we drink water in a standing position, it immediately passes from the body very fast. Hence the required nutrients and vitamins don’t reach through important organs of the body that need the water for better functioning.

The body also needs water for better digestion and when the water directly gushes down very fast without filtration, it becomes hard to digest food and many impurities will be stuck in the body.

Correct Way – When we are in a sitting position, our body, muscles, abdominal area is more relaxed and that really helps in the absorption of water and its nutrients properly.

The nutrients can reach out to the brain, kidneys, and all the digestive system. It will help in improving concentration, increase energy, prevents bloating. Also, Toxins and impurities will be flushed out completely.

Hence Sit, Relax & enjoy the water with gratitude.

Gulping of Water While Drinking

Sometimes, when we’re feeling so thirsty, and dehydrated, we tend to gulp large amounts of water at one time. This is the mistake we generally make. Our Saliva is alkaline in nature and it neutralized the acids present in our stomach. When we gulp, the water is not getting sufficient time to mix with saliva, and it affects the neutralization. This might cause acid-related problems.

Correct Way- It is always better to always practice having water slowly sip by sip than to gulp more water at a time. When you sit back, relax and sip water slowly, the body absorbs the water very nicely. It then provides nutrients to different parts. Water keeps us hydrated well. It will also prevent passing off more water in urination.

Water is very essential for every living being on this planet. It is one of the five elements which helps to create a life. Hence, we should be very grateful and respect the water. Having this lifeline of nature and use it correctly may create miracles in the world and also in our bodies.

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