How to spend free time productively

10 habits of highly successful people to spend your free time productively

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In these times of busy schedules and hectic lives, it’s very hard to get some moments of free time. And if we’re fortunate enough, to grab those moments of relaxation, the feeling will exactly be like a dream come true.  Isn’t It??

Everybody wants to spare their free time with full-fledged resting, sleeping, chilling with friends, watching movies, or do outings, and much more fun. Why not so, after all, it is completely worthy to have a good quality time after a long & make beautiful memories out of it.

Taking a break from busy life is also very important to have a relaxed mind, have fun, and recharge yourself for your next step ahead.

But while doing all these activities, if we take out a short chunk of time to do something that can improve our lives, make the future better, and have a productive free time. Then your break will actually be worthy, in the true sense.

How you spend your free time, also plays a major role in your professional success. After doing some research and listening to several interviews, we came to know, that the highly successful people in the world, always prefer to spend their free time in some productive ways.

They take a break, re-check themselves with their progress, spend time learning from their failures and work upon them. And yes, while doing all these, they never forget to rest and spend time with their loved ones.

Through this article, I want all of you to explore some of those productive ideas and try to inculcate them in your lives too.  I promise you’ll surely have fun while doing these.

So, Let’s get started…

Learning something which you wanted to learn but couldn’t

How many of us, who want to learn something new, that makes us more skilled and happy? But just can’t do it because of the shortage of time in daily life. So, this free time can be the perfect chance for you people, to learn, whatever you want.

Many people want to polish their hobbies, or many want to upgrade their skill related to their work, there are so much to learn to pursue your dreams.

Following Your Hobby

I can totally relate to this point.  I am a software engineer by profession and doing quite well in my job. Apart from this, I always wanted to do something of my own which really makes me satisfied but never got time to discover what it is and how to follow and align it in my life.

Then In the year 2020, when we all were locked down due to the covid crisis, I get some time to think about my interest and act on it. The result is Infront of you all.  Yes, I came to know that helping people by sharing information on good health & Lifestyle makes me happy. So, I started blogging, to add some value to people’s lives and so in my life.

The only motive to share this piece of my life, to tell you that, no matter what you do, how old are you, you can always discover your interest and started working on it. And luckily if you already know what your passion is, you can spend more time on it in your free moments.  It will give a sense of relief and relaxation in between the chaos of life.

If you have no idea or not sure about what you really want in your life, a Japanese method called ‘IKIGAI’ helps you to analyze and filter out your dreams. Go & check it out.

Make your plans

We are running so fast l in this highly competitive world, just like any rat race. There’s no time to press pause and think anything. And when we get some free time, we don’t even want to remember it and try to escape from it for some time, which is also required at that moment.

But if we proactively take out some free time to stop for a while, analyze some aspect of life (Work, Personal or social), look back on our achievements and our failures, learn from them and then make a plan for the future accordingly with new strategies and ideas.

It can be a win-win situation for you. It will instantly fill you with energy and you can go back to work with new enthusiasm again.

Work on Health

‘Health Is Wealth’, we heard it many times but got to know its importance when we went through the global pandemic in 2020-21. Health should always be our priority. By the term ‘Health’, I mean both – Mental Health, and Physical Health.

Use your free time to do any kind of physical workout. Engage yourself in Yoga and meditation. It will help you to learn how to maintain balance in life.

You can also go for a walk. It will keep your body well and reduce your stress, which will help when you go back to your normal routine.

These article might help you-

Healthy Morning Habits of successful people

Organize your home

Clean your living space in your free time, organize it in the way you want will give a sense of bliss & happiness. It is believed that Re-arranging the stuff of your living space or workspace instantly shifts the energy of that place in a positive mood. No doubt, it’s an interesting way to spend your free time productively.

Spend time with Family & Friends

Always remember that your work life is not everything. In fact, it’s only a small part of your life. The rest of the part includes your Personal life, Social-Life, Your personal growth, etc. There is so much value to do in life.

Having Family and friends, in no less than having a blessing. Spend time with them. Call your friends, Stay with the family. Sharing everything with your close ones, either it’s happiness or even any problem, will make you feel much lighter and different perspective to see the situations.


In Our Life, we always indulge in completing our duties, fulfilling responsibilities, and working so hard to achieve our goals of life. But while handling all this mess, we forgot to take care of ourselves. Hence, if you’re getting that free time at some point in life, it is very important to make use of that time only to become relaxed and refreshed.

Taking care of self means, spending some time to check if everything is alright inside, recheck the emotions, repair the damaged ones and remove the toxic feelings. Also, it is the best way to know what you really want. Knowing your priorities in life eventually helps you to take major decisions in your future.

Budget Planning

Planning a monthly budget is very necessary to keep track of your finances. But unfortunately, it is still very underrated. Ideally, it should be done at the start of every month. But Due to the shortage of time, we generally avoid this, which eventually leads to unplanned expenses. This can also be the reason for stress and irritation sometimes.

Hence whenever you get free time, it can be as short as 15-20 mins. Consider making Budget Plan your priority.

Through budgeting, we can manage our money in an organized form. It also gives us an idea of which areas should we spend more money on and where should not.

Spend time with nature

Nature is the best healer. There is no doubt that spending time in nature is a million times better than just sitting at home.  Go to the park, plant more trees, take care of them. Nature has given us everything including our own body & breaths. We should be grateful and responsible towards them.

Do not miss any chance to give back to nature. It makes us humbler and more relaxed.

Help Others

There is nothing best than spending your time with those who need you. Working for people or organizations and serving them in any is beneficial for our society and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

You can volunteer for several NGOs, work for the environment, Educated the less fortunate kids, etc. There are many ways to contribute our time to society.


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