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How to Manage Time effectively | 10 Super Time Management Ideas

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In today’s world, where almost everything is easily accessible and just one click away from us, the life of every person becomes even more hectic and messier. Because of advanced technologies, every task has been automated, the frequency and speeds of machines have rapidly increased, the distance between two places has been reduced. But even after all these developments, you can hear only a few words from most of the people today – “We have no time.” or “We’re running out of time.”, etc., etc.

This is what we called Irony, Isn’t It?

Today everybody is juggling to manage their time for having a healthy work-life balance. But the interesting thing about time is, it is equal for every person on this planet.  No matter who we are, we all have the same 24 hours a day. A Rich Successful person is also getting the same time in his account as a normal ordinary person is getting.

Then why some of the people get enough time to do the work efficiently, focus on studies, and even to spend the time with friends & family. But others find it hard to take out time for every single task.

Where’s the Loop??

Well, all the secret lies in, how we effectively manage our time. It’s all about how we divide our 24 hours and utilize them to make the most out of it.

Trust me guys, this is not rocket science. You too can be a master of your time. That’s why Today I am going to tell you how we can manage our time effectively by making little changes in our daily routine.

So Here We start…!!

1. Make ‘To-Do’ List

This might sound cliché to most of you. But It is the most important and basic addition we must do to our daily routine. By making a ‘To-Do’ List, we get a blueprint of all the activities that are going to happen in a day. Therefore, we do not have to waste our time only thinking that what we need to do today?

In fact, it is best to make your next day To-Do’s while you are winding up your present day. So that you’ll wake up having some goals in the morning already, which will also keep you excited for the day.

2. Prioritize your tasks

Now though we made our list of all tasks of the day. But the major problem arises when we have to decide which task to do first and which can be done later. Usually, we are more likely to complete easy and small tasks, thinking to finish tasks quickly. But because of this, sometimes the major tasks will remain pending and undone,

Hence, it is always advisable to prioritize your tasks along with making a to-do list for better time management., so that you can better focus on the correct and important work of the day & after that complete rest of the tasks,

For prioritizing the task, I personally use ‘The NNN method’. It is super easy and helps me to focus on the important tasks of the day.

The ‘NNN’ method

‘THE NNN method’ is basically where three of its N’s refers to ‘Now’, ‘Next’ & ‘Not Yet’.

To use this method, you simply make a ‘To -Do’ list and write all the planned tasks as usual. Then categorize those tasks in these 3 columns.

1. In the ‘Now’ column, mention the tasks that you need to complete urgently by today. If not done, it will make you tensed.

2. In the ‘Next’ Column, mention those tasks, which are important to complete, but you can do them later after finishing the ‘Now’ Tasks.

3. In the ‘Not Yet’ column, you can put all those tasks, which are not at all important, but it would be great if you could do it. It should be done only when the ‘Now’, and ‘Next’ categories will complete.

3. Make time for your Body

No matter how busy your whole day is, please try to dedicate at least 1 hour to your Body & Mind. It is very much important to make your body active & mind relax. Practicing any Physical workout and any mindful activity like meditation, will eventually clear your mind, increase your focus on work. It will also make your body active and energize, to do all the tasks at a faster pace.

Do any kind of physical workout for the body & at least 20 mins of meditation for a calmer Mind. I personally follow 45 mins of workout and 30 mins of meditation nowadays and also reduced a decent weight in a healthy way I can’t tell you the amount of positive impact it fills in my life.

4.  Make Realistic Routines

Set your day with some routines. Setting up Routines will train our minds into autopilot. Doing certain things regularly gradually becomes a part of our habit which requires less time and energy. Like brushing teeth as soon as we wake up, is a part of our life now. We do not need to make efforts to do the same. Right??

I know, we all made many routines thousand times in our life.  But how many times we actually follow them. One of its reasons beings, most of the time, we usually add various new items to our routine. Doing many new things in a day becomes tough for us.

Hence Make genuine routines. Start to make little changes in the routine. Focus on one change at a time. Follow them until it becomes your habit. You can do it for 21 days continuously for making anything a habit.

Making Morning & Night Routines are the best way to fasten your frequency to do all important and unavoidable tasks. So that you can get enough time for rest of the day.

5. Reduce Distractions

This is the most common reason for wasting our time doing nothing. Reducing Distractions are the most important and basic formula to manage time wisely.

Keep your phone in DND mode or silent while working. You can respond to those calls & messages while traveling or when you’re free.

6. Schedulers

Schedule the tasks which are repeating every month like, fix the day for your monthly grocery shopping, schedule, and if possible, automate all your monthly bills, say phone bill, credit card bill, etc.

By scheduling these tasks, we’ll don’t have to make separate time for them. Also, there’ll be less chance to forget one of these tasks.

7. Learn to Say ‘NO’

How many times, this happens to you, when you’ve planned to learn something productive or even to spend your full day with family, and suddenly someone calls you and asks you to join them over at a party or to ask for some favor. You should learn to say ‘NO’ politely for any unwanted tasks which seem not to be important for that time, unless there is an emergency.

Please note that helping someone in any urgency must be our priority in entire life.

8.  Do Not Multitask

Doing several things at one time always reduces the quality and efficiency of all those tasks. Also, In Multitasking, each time, you switch between your tasks and Extra 5-7 mins. will require to be back on track.

 Instead, focus on one task at a time. This way, you can complete each work with full attention, and it will also be more efficient and require less time to complete it successfully.

9. Delegate the work

Be open to seeking other’s help to complete the tasks. If there are many things you need to complete in a day, it is completely ok to take someone’s help to complete them. Also, you can automate your tasks through tools or processes.

10. Take Rewarding Breaks

Taking Breaks Regularly is very much important to relax and hassle-free while working. Always recharge your body and mind by going for a walk, grabbing some tea, talk to a friend and family members, and also meditate.

Even a 10 min break can open your mind and you can work more wisely and productively which anyway makes your time worth break taking.

Bottom Line

Time management is a key factor for achieving great success in life. But also remember, it should not beyond your limits. Do not push yourself too much to follow a strict routine. After all, we are not robots, we are human beings and it is completely ok to do absolutely nothing sometimes. 

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