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How to Lose Weight without Gym and Diet | My Weight Loss Journey

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There are enormous types of diet and workout plans present today, which claim to lose weight in few days. Well, I am not sure how many of them are genuine and appropriate, but yes, we should definitely consult certain fitness coaches or guides before applying any diet or workout to our bodies. Remember, Each body has its own requirement.

Everyone has a unique body type, and so their needs are. There might be few eatables which are suitable for me but not for all. However, there are few particular habits which anybody can apply (irrespective of their weight, body type & gender) to have a decent weight loss along with a healthy lifestyle.

If I talk about myself, Then, I’d be glad to share that I’ve lost almost 3 kgs of weight within 1-2 months last year and still counting. Now I know, You must be thinking that it’s not that difficult to lose only 3 kgs in 2 months. But the reason why I am telling is that the weight loss has been done with no complex diet, without a gym or any high-intensity workout, and also having proper cheat days.

In these 2 months, I’ve not only just lost weight, but my mind also becomes more relax and focused than before. I am happier and calmer than before. I feel more energized every day. And Hence at this point, I truly feel to share my experience with you all so that we can together enjoy the journey of wellbeing and happiness.  😊

So, Let’s get started…

But Before Sharing my experience and lifestyle routine, I want all of you to understand these below points-

  • Guys, please keep in mind that this is my personal experience. So before applying any tips from this article, please know your body first through any mentor or doctor.
  • Never consider a healthy diet & routine as a part of your weight loss course. Losing weight should not be your only concern. Leading a healthy life should not be the target which you will stop doing after achieving your desired result. but practicing a healthy lifestyle should be a part of your life. Make a healthy lifestyle a habit.
  • Regularity is the most important key for achieving anything great in your life, whether it is health, wealth, or fame. Being regular and consistent will give you miraculous results in every aspect of life.
  • Take Meals Timely. Yes, please try to have your meal at a fixed time daily. It might not be possible for some of us because of uncertain work schedules. But make a gentle attempt to include this habit in your lifestyle. Eating timely will provide your body a proper schedule so that your body can do its part of work (Digestion & Healing) timely.

So Now, Keeping in mind the importance of the above points. We can move ahead towards our main motive for which this article has written – The Routine

I’ve grown up believing that, “if you want to lose weight, then exercise every day, be active always”, etc., etc., but nobody told us about food is also a part, in fact, a major part of our health.

In fact, Food covers almost 60% part to lose weight properly, and the remaining 40% covered by a workout plan. Hence, I’ll talk about my diet routine first which I follow to reduce weight.

Things to Cut-Out/Avoid from the daily routine


1. No Sugar

Cut down the consumption of sugar intake in any form. Example – Avoid sugars in tea, coffee, candy, cookies, or any sweets. This might be getting very difficult for some of you. But guys please make gradual efforts for this. You can use Jaggery, honey, or even date palms as a substitute. But say no to sugar at least un till you’re losing weight.

Personally, I didn’t feel any difficulty leaving sugar, because anyways I am not a sweet lover. But to not use tea or coffee was a little challenging for me, but I managed it by using jaggery in it. Today, I don’t use jaggery even.

2. No Alcohol

Avoid alcohol consumption or any kind of packed, carbonated drink.

3. No Junk

Try to avoid packaged food, junks, extra spicy & fried food.

4. No Over-Eating

One more important thing to which you should say a Strict ‘NO NO’ is ‘OVER-EATING’. Trust me guys, I can’t put much stress on this. Even if you are eating something healthy. Then also do not Over-Eat.

This is the habit you can inculcate in yourself for a lifetime. Eating more than your appetite is the main reason to introduce obesity and other diseases in the body. In fact, it is said that “One should eat little less than their appetite.”

Things you must do in daily routine-

I’ll share my routine here along with tips. I hope you will relate to it for making your regime.

1. Detox

First thing First, Before, fueling your body with something new, we must flush out all the toxins from inside. Detoxification is the best option to do.

Start your day by drinking lukewarm water along with lemon. You can add cumin seeds, chia seeds, or apple cider vinegar to the drink to enhance. You can make your detox water in various ways. But choose whatever is suitable for your body. I used to have cumin seeds or chia seeds along with lemon warm water.

If you want to know what are detox drinks and its’s working with 5 different types of detox drinks – Read here.

2. Water Intake

Keep yourself hydrated all day. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should overly drink water.  Drink water only whenever you feel thirsty but properly.  Do not drink chilled water from the refrigerator. Instead, use normal temperature water.

3. Beverages

After having a gap of ½ an hour after, I used to have my morning tea (w/o sugar). But if you don’t have a habit of having Tea or Coffee in the morning, then it’s more than awesome.  

I am still finding my way to get out of my tea addiction.

4. Eating Pattern

Now Coming to diet, I include Intermittent Fasting in my life. Fasting has changed my life completely in a positive way. You can read here more about intermittent fasting and my experience with it. So, I initially used to keep 14 hours of fasting and eating in the window for 10 hrs. daily.

Read Here – My Experience with Intermittent Fasting. (Personal Health Benefits).

5. Breakfast

Since I am following intermittent fasting, I usually take my first meal (Breakfast) around 11 AM. For breakfast, I used to take only fruits, nuts, or any fruit or vegetable juice.

Initially, it was difficult for me to have only fruits in the morning because we’ve grown up listening that Breakfast should be heavy, so I used to have lotus seeds or makhana (Roasted & Salt sprinkled) along with fruits. You can have peanuts also together. But if you fill your tummy with fruits only, it’s great, go for it.

6. Lunch

Generally, I have my lunch around 2 AM in the noon.  I try to take fewer carbs during lunchtime. I prefer to shuffle between the below dishes –

  • 1 chapati, 1 bowl of dal & 1 bowl of veg (exclude potatoes) & curd, lots of salads.
  • Sometimes, veg oats upma.
  • Ragi roti, any green vegetable curry or dal.
  • Curd rice
  • Dal rice
  • Khichdi, etc.

Try to gradually lower your carbs (Carbohydrates) in a regular diet. we get carbs mostly from wheat flour chapati, white rice, potatoes, etc.

You can add more salads to your diet. Consume dal & vegetable more in place of taking one extra chapati or rice. Initially, it may feel difficult but gradually become habitual.

7. Dinner

Have dinner also in the same pattern. Try to have it for at least 3 hrs. before sleeping. You can also have milk at night if you are not lactose allergic.

8. Cheating is Must

There is no fun in life without a cheat day.  Have 1 day in a week when you can anything the whole day. Cheat day feels like a reward after a whole week of simple eating.  It also re-energizes and prepares for the next week ahead.

9. Work-Out

Spend at least, 1hour for any kind of physical workout. Indulge in some, activity even if it is walking.

Bottom Line-

Good things take time. Be consistent with your diet. Pay respect and Value your food and have it with utmost gratefulness.  Enjoy every bit of life. 😊


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