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6 Simple ways to start your Day for a Successful & Productive Life| Healthy Morning Habits

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“God gives us new opportunities every day to make a fresh start again”. I’m pretty sure that all of you have listened to this sentence numerous times. But, this is a scientific fact that every day when you wake up, there is some unseen energy inside you. It can transform your day into the way you want. Especially the first ’30 minutes’ just after you wake up is considered as the ‘Magic Minutes’. Hence Include few healthy morning habits in your daily routine and own your day.

You can read about almost all successful people’s lives. They follow a particular morning ritual. Also always emphasize, how a good change in their morning habits helped them to achieve remarkable successes. Here are some examples too:

Ms. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful women in the world describes how she wakes up early in the morning and that too without an alarm. She is having a routine that includes plenty of nature & meditation. 

Mr. Barack Obama (Former US President), told in an interview that how he sticks to an ideal morning routine which generally starts with a workout. He prioritizes every single task that he is going to do in a day. 

There are many more personalities like Mr. Mukesh Ambani (who starts his day with prayers), Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, etc. who follow the same rule.

Now It’s completely your choice, how you start your day and use your most precious first few minutes to make your whole day productive & apparently a healthy & successful life. The whole idea is just to feel relax & satisfied at the end of every day.

If you really want your mornings to be productive, Just take a look at DO’s & DON’TS just after you wake-up.

So here we are filtered out many more simplest yet best habits to start your day:

All the below points are also for the people who serve their duties at night and do rotational shifts. They can follow the rituals whenever their day starts. 😊 

1. Be an Early Riser

First of all, if you are a Night Owl and feel more productive at night-time, then it is really great and there’s no need to change.

But if you are not, then getting up early in the morning is the best gift you can give to yourselves. 

As I mentioned above, there is something magnificent in the first few hours of the morning. It may be in the sunrise or in the fresh air, which slows down your time. It just allows you to control your day ahead rather than your day controls you.

2. Practice Silence

Rising early will also provide you some time for yourself only.  You can use this as ‘ME-TIME’ and if spent wisely, the day ahead will turn out to be a wonderful way for you.

One of the best ways to use this time is that you can go in silence. Yes, keep yourselves silent from the outside so that you connect with yourself from the inside.

No doubt, Meditation is the perfect example of It. Meditation helps you to focus on things that eventually help you to give a better performance in every field. You can also go with some spiritual chanting or prayers and express your gratitude towards life.

3. Stay Hydrated with ‘Detox-Water’

When we add some flavors of fresh fruits/herbs (most commonly lemon/ginger & honey) in normal water, it will become ‘Detox-Water’, which will clean -out your body from inside.

Having It as first thing in the morning or an empty stomach will give your body a kick start & majorly boosts your metabolism. It will not only energize your body but also improve your presence of mind.  It will keep you hydrated all day which keeps you going throughout the exhausting day ahead.

4. Write It Out

Being an Introvert, Writing is the only medium through which I can put my heart out. Trust me, writing first thing in the morning can completely change you as a person.  Everything in your mind will just sort out. You just need to be TRUE with your pen and paper.

Plan your day, Make To-Do Lists, prioritize your tasks, list out your problems, write your goals or you can also maintain a journal. It will help you to clarify your intentions and you will feel like having one to one conversation with yourself.

Writing your thoughts especially in the morning will help you remain focused throughout the day and you will feel much lighter & peaceful.

5. Sweat It Out

Well I know, this is one of the most common activities you ever heard. But Doing Exercise regularly is as important as sleeping or eating daily.  Scientifically, keeping your body in a certain movement releases endorphin in your brain which makes you feel better instantly, and more amount of oxygen enters into the body which clears your thinking.

Work out is not as complicated in real as we make it in our minds. You can simply start with a free walk in the mornings or take a brisk walk with your pet, you can also make your move on a hard-rock song.

Then gradually go with push-ups & sit-ups (start with lower targets), Try various simple yoga asanas. There are many ways and the ground is yours. You can also switch it up to make exercise more interesting. You will feel more fit & energized throughout the day.

6. Have a healthy breakfast

Probably, this will be the last but most important thing to do before you step out from home. I have seen many people especially Indians skip their breakfast. It is the first meal of the day since there is a huge gap after your dinner (if you are not having mid-night snacks).

Also, Include Healthy Foods on your breakfast plate.

It maintains your metabolism and also makes you avoid over-consuming high-calorie foods throughout the day. Try to keep it healthy so that your body gets all the essential nutrients that can be less likely consumed later in the day.