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3 Food Habits that change my Life beautifully

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It is said that ‘You are what you Eat’. I, also strongly believe in the fact, that if you want any positive changes for your body, mind & even for your life, just focus only on what you eat.

Have you noticed, whenever you go to the doctor, irrespective of any kind of illness you have, they first ask about your diet? Because Food acts as fuel for your body so that it can function properly. Food gives us energy. It is Life.

Sometimes ago, keeping the same fact in my mind, I also make few small changes in my diet and routine. And the result I’ve experienced is absolutely remarkable.

1. The first most change that I felt is that, My Immunity has been improved a lot. Initially, I used to get cold & cough very easily. But now its frequency has reduced. My immunity has been also getting tested, especially in these tough times of covid. And I am so grateful for this.

2. Other than Better Immunity, there are many more positive changes I’ve experienced in my body. Like my skin become clearer. My body feels lighter than before. Some common problems like constipation, Indigestion have lowered with time.

3. Also, I become more active and energized throughout the day. Earlier, I used to get tired very soon, but now my physical, as well as mental stamina, has increased.

4.  My quality of sleep also increased. Because of the good choice of food, the digestion becomes smoother, and hence I now get sound sleep. And doesn’t feel dizzy or sleepy even after wake-up.

Isn’t it Amazing…!!

Hence, I decided to share with you all, those main 6 food habits that I include in my diet which helped me made my immunity stronger.

But Before That, there are certain things I want all of you to know before applying any habits in your lifestyle.

1. There are no overnight changes happened after including good food habits in my routine.  All good things take time. These are gradual processes.

I have included these habits quite a few months back, some of them are even years ago. And I feel that this is the reason, I can experience its output today when it is much needed. 🙂

2. The main objective of including these habits in my diet is that our body should become clean from the inside. If our body is clean & healthy from the inside, it will automatically reflect outside, and make you more fit externally.

 So Now let’s move on to those food habits that beautifully changed my life.

1. Morning Detox Drinks

I have started taking Detox water 2-3 years ago in my daily routine. I can say, this is the oldest habit among all that I mentioned in this article.

Many People often confuse and in fact assume that detox drinks are some kind of fancy drink. But for the people who don’t know what actually detox drink is and what changes it does to our body. Let me explain you briefly.

So, Detox Drink is nothing but lukewarm water, mixed with an alkaline substance like lemon (mostly used), apple cider vinegar, etc. Along with these, many people use some more ingredients, to enhance its taste and flavor.

Now the most common benefit of having a glass of detox drink in the morning is that it removes all the toxins from inside the body and makes it clean.

But the main reason for having detox drink, first thing in the morning is to balance the Ph level of the body. Usually, In the mornings, when we wake up our body becomes more acidic due to the digestion process which happened overnight. And Detox water helps the body to become more alkaline. And this way, the Ph remains balanced.

If you want to know more about Detox drinks, their benefits, and different types of detox drinks, you can – Read Here.

My Experience with Morning Detox Drinks

If I talk about my personal experience with detox drinks, It is outstanding. I these 3 years, I feel that rather than cleaning the body from the inside, it acts as a catalyst and helps in flushing out waste and toxic materials from the body.

It will give the best result when you drink detox by sitting on the floor in the squat-down position. As I said before, it is one of my oldest morning rituals, so it eventually became my habit. My day doesn’t start without it.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is a very familiar word and has much importance in almost every religion in the world. Most people keep fast for religious purposes.

I was also one of them, used to do fasting in childhood just because of the thought that my god will impress with me and give me a lot of happiness in return. But as I grow older, I came to know that fasting is not just for religious purposes but there is a huge and deep science behind it.

Now Everyone knows that Fasting means taking a break from eating for some time so that our body can get enough time to digest and heal body.

After knowing its importance, I read a lot about fasting. Then, I heard about the term ‘Intermittent Fasting’. Intermittent fasting is basically meaning, that your 24 hours divided into 2 windows, one is for ‘Eating’, in which you can eat (8-10 hrs. window) and another is for Fasting (14 – 16 hrs. window).

If you want to know more about intermittent fasting and personal benefits with it – Read Here.

Then, I started doing intermittent fasting last year. And the result I got was absolutely amazing.

My Experience with Intermittent Fasting

After including Fasting in my life, there are many benefits I’ve experienced in terms of health, like- my digestion becomes more smooth, the body started to feel light, but you know what guys, It benefits is not just limited to physical health. It is something more than that.

I started valuing food more, I feel much calmer from inside. Etc. An interesting benefit that I personally felt is that because of fasting, I don’t need to think about food every time. Hence, I can invest more time in my area of interest and can be more productive. Also, I feel more energized than before.

3. Having only fruits as one meal

This habit is something that I didn’t include by my will, but I had to include this habit. But after seeing the outcome, it’s all worth it.

 The reason to include fruits in my meal is, as I mentioned above, I started to do intermittent fasting. And in Intermittent Fasting, it is important that you have your first meal of the day as light and fresh as possible (Immediate after fasting window). 

Since breakfast was my first meal, So I had to eat only fruits, juices, etc. for the same. Initially, it was very difficult for me. Because I’ve grown eating heavy breakfast all my life. But after few days, I become habitual of this habit.

My Experience with having fruits as a complete meal

As I explain above, initially it was hard for me to rely only on fruits & juices and that too after fasting. But gradually it becomes normal for me. Now I can see its complete impact on my body, especially on my skin. My skin becomes clearer and healthier. I feel lighter & fresher.

Because I am having fruits in the meal, which are living food, the digestion becomes smoother. Hence, I can focus more on my work.

I include all varieties of fruits in my diet, preferably seasonal fruits. Sometimes, I made smoothies also. Along with fruits, I also use to have coconut water and other juices. I feel much satisfied and happy, with so many colors on my plate. 😊

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