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5 Best & Easy Low Impact Workout for beginners | Interesting Work-Out Ideas with less effort | No Gym required

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Do you want to keep your body fit and in shape, but are confused about where to start? or having no time to join a gym or other outdoor workout sessions? Are you tired of doing heavy workouts or need some break? Take a deep breath and know about some of the best & super easy low impact workout ideas here, which you can do at home without any effort.

Our body is made in a way that any kind of daily physical activity is necessary for us like eating food. Otherwise, it will become like an unused, dull machine in no time and apparently a body full of diseases. Physical Activity or exercise can improve your health in many ways. It can help us feel good immediately and improve our quality of life among all physical benefits.

Interestingly, many people know its importance and actually want to work out and take their fitness seriously. In fact, most of them started attending various Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics sessions, and even membership in the gym. But very soon, they started feeling bounded, loses their motivation, and decide to quit

There could be many reasons why people do not enjoy work-out, like-

They may have busy schedules.

They may feel bored going to the gym.

Feel tired too soon.

They have kids or families to take care of. or maybe they do not see any changes in the body so lose hope and give up.

If you are the one who faces the above challenges to give a kick-start to your workout, then all you need to do is just keep calm and cancel your gym membership ASAP and also stop attending complicated Yoga or Zumba sessions.

The idea here is to feel interesting and good while exercising. Ultimately, you need to enjoy your sweat during a workout, especially when you are a beginner. Hence, we filtered out the 5 best low-impact and interesting workout ideas that will help you start your fitness regime smoothly.

The best part is that you can switch in between these exercises anytime.


Since there is no result without the effort, the only effort you need to make here by taking at least 30-45 mins out from your busy schedule (wake up early or you can choose your convenient time) with an empty stomach or at least 3 hours of gap after your meal and you are ready for the below activities.

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Brisk Walking

Walking is one of the most common, yet effective activities that anyone can easily do. You can start with a normal walk simply on your terrace, in a garden, or on an empty road. Then gradually moves up for ‘Brisk Walking’.

A brisk walk is nothing but a walk with a higher speed. It can measure with ‘Steps per Minute’ and 100 steps per minute is called Brisk Walking.

Walking is considered a low-intensity work-out than running or any others, hence it will require more time to get its full advantages. 20 minutes daily or 30 minutes alternate days of a regular brisk walk is good enough for a beginner. You can start with a shorter goal like 10 mins a day after lunch or work. When it will turn into your habit, you can go for 20-30 mins per day.

Consistent brisk walking can give you thousands of health benefits. It helps to increase your cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, trim your waistline, maintain your body weight, improve your balance, and most importantly keeps you in a good mood always.

Walking can be more enjoyable with your favorite music or if you don’t like to walk alone, do it with your friend or any family member or with your pet. Variation in your walking area can make your workout more fun.


Running is yet again a simpler and inexpensive form of a perfect workout. We can call it Jogging also. All you need here is just a good pair of shoes and you are all set. Scientific research says that Running actually increases your lifespan, thus more years to your life. It is the best way to keep your body in shape.

For beginners, 10-20 mins of regular running are recommended. When you get used to it, increase it up to 30 mins per day. For good runners, 30 mins run won’t be effective. Hence keep increasing every minute daily and be consistent. And also remember the faster you run, the more calories you burn.

Many Doctors recommend running for patients who are in their initial stage of diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s a proven fact that running can also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. It is also best to maintain your body weight, eliminate your depression. In short, it will help to improve overall body fitness.

Like Walking, running can also do anywhere, with your favorite people and good music.


In my opinion, the most fun and interesting physical activity are making a move on any energetic track. Remember the people on discs or at a wedding, they dance without any care and sweat like anything.  There is something in the music that can make anyone crazy on the beats.

And if this craziness boosts your fitness. what’s better than this, Right..?

Dancing daily for at least 30-45 mins can recharge your body immediately. Dancing is something that makes your body movements in all planes of motion simultaneously in all directions. There are enormous ways of dancing.

In fact, dance is an important part of human culture and celebrations. For instance, In India, every state has an iconic dance form. Bhangra, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, etc., or it can be freestyle. You can also pick up any western dance form like Ballroom, Salsa, Belly dance, etc. The idea is to feel the beat and enjoy it.

Along with enjoyment, Dancing can also improve your mental and physical health. It keeps your body in shape by improving your muscle strength, increases flexibility, manages your weight, improves the health of the heart & lungs. Among all these benefits, it also removes social fear from you and boosts your confidence & self-esteem.


Swimming is a great physical activity suitable for people of all ages. It is considered both high as well as low impact workouts. If swimming is done for recreation purposes, it is perfectly fit for low-impact exercise.

30-45 minutes of swimming four days a week is good for beginners. You can start with doing swimming in clubs or can also go with indoor swimming since most of the housing societies have a swimming pool today.

Swimming is a kind of full-body workout because it involves all the muscles of your body. This can provide you many health advantages including muscle strengthening, build endurance, and can work as a therapy for mental peace by taking out all your physical and mental stress.


Cycling is yet again a kind of low-impact activity that can be beneficial especially for kids and youngsters. Regular Cycling can keep your energy level high and improves your metabolism. It is also an easy sports activity since it does not require advanced skills or techniques.

30 mins of daily or 2-4 hours weekly exercise of cycling can provide you many advantages like cycling increase stamina and strength of your body, it can be a good leg muscle workout too since it requires paddling. Apart from the health, It can also be your most favorite time pass and fun activity when done with your friends or kids.

There are many more physical activities that you can include in your daily routine and make yourself healthy, happy, and fit. It can be any sports activity (If you are a sports lover), can perform Basic push-ups/ pull-ups at home, and also can try easy yoga asanas.

Bottom Line

A big achievement is nothing but a result of many consistent little efforts. Similarly, Fitness is something that you can achieve by changing small daily habits of your lifestyle, for example, take stairs instead of the lift, take a walk while talking on the phone, drink 6-8 liters of water daily, etc.  Remember that all progress takes place outside your comfort zone.


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