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Best 6 Super Foods you must include in your daily diet

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Hey everyone, Namaste… Whenever we talk about or even think to include healthy foods in our diet, many questions pop into the mind like what healthy foods exactly are, how much to eat, how to consume them, when to eat, and more. If you are one of them, then relax, here I am sharing a few most amazing superfoods that we must include in our daily diet.

These superfoods are most common, super easy to use and anyone can consume them every day without any doubt. In fact, you will surely be shocked to read the list of superfoods because most of them are so familiar and common in every kitchen in the house especially in India, but we simply avoided them or rarely consume them.

But before going through the list, let us first know the reason that why some foods are labeled as ‘Super Foods’.

What ‘Super Foods’ are

Super Foods are nothing different, they belong to our normal food only. There is no such standard definition, but it is just, “Some healthy foods are naturally full of maximum nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. and can consume raw and daily. They are called ‘Super Foods’. “ as said by most of the experts and nutritionists.

A lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and spices are high in nutrients. We should obviously focus on a variety of foods and a whole balanced diet but adding superfoods into the regular diet can provide you whole-some nutrients in one go and the best part is you can eat them in their original form.

So, the list is definitely going to be interesting because the foods included here are effortless and a great way to start a healthy way of living. Here are the 6 superfoods that we can add to our diet.

1. Chia Seeds

The Chia seeds are one of the healthiest superfoods globally. They are unprocessed, absolutely Gluten-free, and extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Among these, they contain a huge amount of fiber, almost all minerals, proteins, etc. Hence Chia seeds are a whole grain product. It is among the most nutritious foods on earth.

Chia seeds are a very versatile type of food. You can either consume it in its original dry form or with water and any liquid also. The only thing that we must be aware of is the quantity or proportion of seeds if we are eating them regularly

There are many ways to consume these seeds like you can have them with water, make pudding, sprinkle seeds in a salad, and use them in juices.

2. Lotus Seeds / Fox Nuts (‘Makhana’ in Hindi)

Makhana or Phool Makhana, also known as Fox nuts, Lotus seeds. Euryale fox and Gorgon Nuts. This is my all-time favorite snack for munching time. The seed has a very neutral taste, hence can take any flavor.

Apart from being super-tasty, it contains many high-quality nutrients which makes it super healthy also. As per Ayurveda ‘Phool Makhana’ has the properties for the benefits of Kidney. Fox nuts are also gluten-free, protein-rich, high in carbohydrates, and have less cholesterol. All these properties make it an ideal snack, anti-aging, good food for diabetic people, etc.

You can eat them anytime, but it is best for an evening hunger kick where you can roast it with ghee (Clarified Butter) and sprinkle some salt on it. Trust me, try this recipe and you will thank me later. we can also use makhana in Indian sweets like kheer, raita, or eaten during ‘fasting’. Most Chinese and Japanese desserts use the paste of fox nuts as a key ingredient.

3. Jaggery (‘Gur’ in Hindi)

‘Jaggery’ or ‘Gur’ is popularly known as ‘healthy replacement of sugar. In fact, it is one of the rare superfoods that is ‘sweet’. Jaggery is obtained from sugarcane and made from unrefined sugar. One of the childhood memory I have linked with jaggery is my dad always used to end his meals with ‘Gur’ with Ghee and ask me also to do the same. That was the most exciting moment of dinner time.

It is a naturally sweetening food, hence has lots of health benefits. Jaggery helps in preventing respiratory diseases, controls blood pressure, is a great energy booster that purifies the body, is good for the liver, helps in weight loss, etc. You can completely replace your sugar with jaggery. You can add them to warm milk. If you are getting a sweet craving, have jaggery with no guilt.

Jaggery is obviously high in nutritional value than sugar but still, it is high in calories. Hence use it in a controlled manner.

4. Pink Himalayan Salt (‘Sendha Namak’ in Hindi)

This Salt is also known as ‘Sendha Namak’ in Indian households. It is mostly used during ‘fasting’. But very few people know that it is a healthier substitute for the ‘Common Salt’ or ‘Table Salt’ because it contains more minerals than common salt.

Himalayan Salt is obviously the pink-colored salt, extracted from the areas near the Himalayas. The salt is extracted by hands and is less processed than common salt, hence it is much natural. Pink salt also contains sodium chloride like table salt but due to less processing, it holds all other minerals. In fact, the pink color is due to the presence of minerals, mainly iron.

Pink Salt can be used exactly like table salt in cooking or marinating. You just need to use more quantity of it to match the taste of table salt. The benefits of using this salt are mainly to maintain high blood pressure, it also reduces bloating due to less amount of sodium. Apart from this, it helps to balance the PH of the body and improves sleep quality.

It is best to use if you are planning to reduce your weight naturally.

5. The Peanuts (‘Moong Phalli’ in Hindi)

Peanuts, Groundnuts, or Moong Phalli whatever you call it, almost every Indian household have these superfoods on their grocery list for sure. Do you know the fact that peanuts are originally from South America and were introduced to other countries quite a few centuries ago?

Peanuts are the most common but unfortunately not so popular superfood of today’s time. Although, the generation of our parents and grandparents had known its importance very well. But today in the era of food globalization, Peanuts or even their oil has disappeared from the kitchen. Now people like to eat peanut butter rather than peanuts themselves.  

Now if we talk about the reason why we have included peanuts in the list of superfoods, so let me tell you that peanuts are highly rich in proteins, fibers, and good fats. Among all these, they also have a good amount of potassium, vitamins, and minerals.

It is a good source of protein for vegetarians, lowers the risk of heart diseases, and healthily controls your appetite. Instead of grabbing wafers, fries, or any fried snack in the evening, just pick a handful of groundnuts and relax your hunger.

The typical way to use it is in dishes like poha (flattened rice), Upma, etc. You can also roast it, blend it, and include the crushed form of nuts in the vegetables.

6. Ghee or Clarified Butter

Last but of course not least, it is none other than ‘Ghee’. Yes Yes…!! You read it right, I am talking about the same ghee that you may have often ignored for the reason of becoming fat and unhealthy.

This was shocking for me as well, when I came to know about this. But when I include it in my regular diet, believe me, the benefits I experienced were just amazing. Also, its aromatic essence, a little coarse taste can make anyone crazy for it.

‘Ghee’ is clarified butter which is made from the cream of the milk of cow and buffalo. At high temperatures, milk residues or cream get separated from water and leave a light yellow-colored liquid which is known as ‘Ghee’.

‘Ghee’ is the most misunderstood superfood, maybe because of the presence of fat in it. But very few people know that the fact that ghee contains is Saturated Fat, which is actually good for us. Saturated Fat, if taken in a controlled quantity daily, is good for cardiovascular diseases.

There are numerous health benefits of ghee, some of them are, it is good for the nervous system of the entire body, helps in digestion, immunity booster, helps in improving eyesight, and many more. Put a spoon of ghee at your hot served dal, hot chapatis, or can use it in halwa and laddus. There are many tempting ways to have this traditional superfood. Just explore them and improves the living.

These are just a few, there are many foods and ingredients like this that can be called a superfood. personally, I believe that any vegetable, fruit, or any food ingredient which are locally grown (regionally), homemade, fresh, and raw can be included in the list of superfoods. Also Please remember that you should always be thankful for the food you have on your plate.

“Your body is the temple, keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” – B.K.S. Iyenger.