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Welcome to www.happysoulshere.com, your number one source for getting health, positivity, self-care & productivity ideas. Our purpose is to help you provide internal peace, motivation & happiness in every aspect of life. Health is always the priority.

Throughout our site, you’ll find unique & exclusive information on health, food, self-care & productivity. Among all of these, you will get here inspirational as well as helpful articles. From the Fitness Mantra and self-care, to keep you organized & celebrate your growth – HAPPY SOULS cover it all..!!

Whether you want a Healthy Body & Mind, Being Productive, or Make Yourself Happy Inside out – with HAPPY SOULS HERE you’ll discover the best health tips, yoga asanas, experiences, Ideas & tastes. 

If you want to take out a few moments of relaxation from your busy hectic life –visit HappySoulsHere.com. We heartily promise to make you Relax & Happy inside out- or you can say we’ll try to let you be a Happy Soul..:)

This is all about the craft that I created to add some value to everyone’s life out there. Now I’d like to introduce a little bit of myself also so that we can connect from heart to heart. 🙂


Hi Beautiful & Happy Souls Out there..!!

I’m Arpita Soley-Kalgaonkar, a software professional, in a well-known multinational company., currently staying in Delhi, India.

Since childhood, I always attracted towards good health, Living a healthy Lifestyle, Organized myself & helping others for doing the same too. You can say I always enjoyed living a healthy & peaceful life. Because of this constant desire, I read & studied a lot about Yoga, Nutrition & Productivity always.

I always crave a relaxed & sorted life, & so every human being on this planet I feel. Thus, After fulfilling my basic duties, I once thought why not share & discuss the information I gathered, the experiences I get, with you all.

And I really hope you enjoy our ideas as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at arpitasoley@gmail.com.

You can also connect with us, on-