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Getting Bored in Lockdown | Here are 8 Simple & Unique Ways to be refreshed in Lockdown

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Hello Beautiful Souls, the Third Phase of Lockdown is going on & we have passed almost 2 months now at our home respectively. During this period, we have done enormous activities, that would perhaps be NOT-SO EASY to do in the normal routine.

We got ample time to just sit together with our family, cooked various dishes, and even try our hand in making Interesting coffee & Videos.

But now, as we’re most likely stuck in between four walls most of the day, and there’s a serious potential that you’re becoming pretty bored of your surroundings.

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But never fear, because we’ve picked out some simple ways that could refresh you during this pandemic lockdown. You’ve got the time and we’ve got the plan.

Self-Care First

Sadly few people never give ‘SO-MUCH’ priority to ourselves & always keep family, money, work first instead. But now, as we have time, so why not spend it on ourselves. Just get better sleep, meditate, feel the sunshine, workout, take a hot oil hair massage, pour your feet in warm water & just feel the relief, let your skin glow. Wow..!! There are many more ways, the idea is to just grab your ME time and make your soul happy. 😊

Caring for ourselves is beneficial for us in every aspect of life. If you want to know about the importance of self-care in your lives, then Read Here.

 Cleaning Home

No, No Don’t be Confuse.!! I am not talking about our daily Jhaadu – Pocha wala cleaning.  Give some new life to your Almirah Drawers, De-Clutter those unused kinds of stuff, remake your Make-up pouch/Shaving Kit, clean your fridge, Wipe your Gadgets. All need to say is just clean or look after the stuff which usually remains ‘PENDING’ in our to-do list.

After cleaning the above-listed stuff, you will surely find out many things, clothes, books that are currently not in use. Please try to give them to those who actually need them. There are many NGOs that are working exclusively for corona victims.

If you want to know about the NGOs locally. You can always find it on the internet. I personally feel Not only due to pandemics, but we should always donate unused food, clothes to the needy.

The best thing you can do to express your gratitude towards GOD or Nature for the things they have given you is to always give back to this nature and society. 🙂

Look at Old Pictures

Take out your photo albums and go through the pictures of your childhood or college days. Cherish those times and memories when that photo got clicked It will help remember those key moments and you will feel amazing.

Make a Call

In our normal daily routine, we almost lost contact with those people, friends & relatives who were ONCE used to be an important part of our life. Probably they might be your neighborhood Uncle-Aunty, Colony friend, your favorite school teacher, or in fact your distant cousin with whom you had most of the childhood fights. Just call or text them and ask about their wellbeing. Discuss the Co-Vid situation at their place and how they are managing with this phase. This will be really an overwhelming gesture which makes them and so your soul happy. 😊

Make a new home

The most basic and easy way to remain refresh in your home is just changing the look of your home that also without spending a penny. Just by using what you already have.

Trust me guys, it feels as refresh as you feel after shifting to a new home. Go as simple as moving the furniture around, to completely changing the function of the room. Give your Sofa a new place, put your bed in a new direction.

Give your balcony a new look and you’ve started an entire repurpose. Refreshing doesn’t need to mean paint or new fixtures and fittings. It’s as much in the mind as anything else. A total layout refresh will make you feel good as new.

Offer Gratitude

In this difficult situation, few beings are continuously taking care of us and making our life ‘NORMAL’. Without them, we might not stay at home easily & safely. Among your health guards and policemen, your milkman, sabzi wale bhaiya, cleaners, grocery shopkeepers, delivery person, bankers, water, electricity & Internet providers, and many more. The list is long. Every time u seek help, say ‘THANK YOU to them. It will calm your mind and make you feel fresh. Offering gratitude will feed your soul with positivity.

P.S.: Please be aware to maintain proper SOCIAL DISTANCING every time.

We should also thank mother nature for the health, wealth & comfort she is giving us in these difficult times. ‘Surya Namaskar’ (Sun Salutation) is one the best physical activity to express you gratitude towards ‘SUN’ the most powerful source of light and life that mother nature gifted us.

Say ‘NO’ to Guilty

And of course, last but not the least, if you were not able to complete your exclusive Lockdown ‘TO-DO LIST’, Never feel sad about it or compare your task status with others. It’s completely normal if there are some ‘boxes’ left unchecked because our Wishlist never ends. Remember this lockdown period is not the holidays. The whole idea is to take a break, feel good, live every moment of this phase peacefully.    

Try to spend this lockdown time with your loved ones as much as you can. Take out some time to learn a new skill especially online because, after covid, things and the process will not be the same as earlier. Everything is going Digital. This, It is very important to upgrade yourself with the new normal.

                                          On a Lighter Note:  Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy.

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