Intermittent Fasting

5 Personal Benefits I experienced with Intermittent Fasting

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Hey Everyone, I am Arpita, 28 years old, a software professional from India. I also write articles related to Health, Fitness & Productivity. Being a fitness lover, I always love to read and watch health information, explore new theories and facts about fitness, and ultimately love to share all those practical experiences through my blog.

So, a few months ago, I came to know about the deep significance of doing fast regularly and how amazing impact it has on our body as well as on the mind. After doing a lot of research, I really got fascinated by the whole process of Intermittent Fasting and the wonderful benefits it provides.

If I can explain my feelings in one sentence, I can just say that Yoga and Ayurveda’s respect has increased a lot in my heart.

After that, I immediately decided to adopt intermittent fasting in my life. I’ll give a brief definition below for those who do not know what exactly intermittent fasting is.

But I heartily recommend you read all the aspects of intermittent fasting before you start to practice it. We must know all the advantages and disadvantages before adopting each and everything in our life. 

Intermittent Fasting is actually an eating pattern that gives more value to have a proper gap between our meals. It rounds between the ‘Eating period’ and the ‘Fasting Period”. The Eating Period is when you can eat or fuel your body, whereas, In the Fasting period, you give your body enough time to digest the food, cleanse out and heal the Body & Mind.

There are many methods to practice intermittent fasting. The most common one is the ‘16:8’ Method, where out of 24 hours, 16 hours is the ‘Fasting Window’ and 8 hours is ‘Eating Window’. It is suggested that out of 24 hours, you can eat in the window of 8 hours, and for the remaining 16 hours you need to keep fast.

The best thing about intermittent fasting is that You can decide the time as per your convenience.

So now coming back to my experience- As per my routine, I have decided to take my first meal late in the morning around 11 AM (since I can’t have dinner early). Initially, it was hard for me to not having breakfast early in the morning because I’ve grown up believing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, it must be heavy.

To be honest, those days were tough, I used to feel hungry and low in energy in the mornings but then gradually I become habitual of my new routine.  And finally, after a few days of continuous improvement, I discovered a new way of living, which gives me a lot in terms of healthy and peaceful life.

I have experienced amazing health benefits after including intermittent fasting in my daily routine. But you know what guys, the advantages of practicing fasting are just not limited to physical health, it’s something more than that. 

So, in this blog, I’ll share those positive changes that I experience after including intermittent fasting in my life.

1. Started Valuing Food-  

 Yes, this is so true when you don’t eat anything for a long time for any reason, and then you get the food. There is a different level of satisfaction and respect that arises for the food.

After long hours of fasting, I realized, how much food is important in our life. Food keeps us alive. We should be very much grateful for it. I now like to put full focus on food while eating. It comes naturally.

2. ThHabit of Eating Good Food-

Now when I am not eating many times in the day as earlier, So I become more aware of what I am putting inside my stomach to fuel myself during eating. I automatically feel to not have Junk, Oily, Spicy & Fried Food, especially as my first meal. Instead, I like to energize myself with simple & natural food like fresh fruits & Vegetables.

3.  Calmer than before-

‘You are what you Eat’, I heard this quote several times before. But now, with intermittent fasting, I can truly feel it. I feel much more relaxed & peaceful than earlier. I don’t know if it is really because of intermittent fasting or not but there is surely some clarity of thoughts in my mind.

4. Focus more on work-

This point I have mentioned in my previous blog (Intermittent Fasting – A complete guide) also.

Because of Fasting, I don’t have to think about food & its preparation every time. Thus, I can utilize my time, more on my work, and focus on my interest areas. This way, Intermittent fasting is helping me to increase my productivity also.

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5. Understanding my Body more-

Our body exactly knows when what & how much it needs to take care of itself. It automatically gives us the signals in its own way when it needs water, food, or even when feeling sleepy. Through Intermittent Fasting, I started to listen and understand my body more. I can recognize most of the urges of the body. Now I know exactly when I am feeling hungry or when I want to just eat because I saw something delicious.

Bottom Line-

Fasting is the only thing that has been practiced by almost every religion in the world. Today It is one of the best and most advanced diets. It is trending in the world and recommended by many health experts.

Initially, I started fasting for getting better physical health, but it is a lifestyle much more than that. Now I fast for better mental and physical efficiency.


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