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5 Morning habits that made my life Easy & Productive | Habits of Successful People

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Habits are certain activities for which we don’t have to put any extra effort to do. It is something that settles in our subconscious mind by doing it regularly.  And after a certain period, it happens automatically.

 For Instance, brushing up the teeth after wake-up is not the work that we need to put effort into. It happens automatically.  Isn’t It??

You might heard about good & bad habits earlier in childhood. But I understood its importance in life when I read a book called ‘The power of habits’ by Charles Duhigg. Good Habits can make our life, but Bad Habits can even be the reason for failures. This is something what we called the power of habits.

Talking about myself, I wanted a healthy, wealthy & happy life like anyone else in the world. But haven’t made any effort to make it real, nor did I have any idea how to do it.

In the last year, when all the world locked down in their homes due to global pandemic. I decided to renew my life and started to inculcate some habits that I knew can help me live my life better.  

Since Mornings are the best time to focus on yourself, I also started with changing my morning routine first. So here I am, very much excited to share those 5 Morning Habits that made my life easy.

Wake Up Early/Make a routine

Earlier, I believed that I can be more active and focused at night than in the mornings. Therefore, waking up early in the morning was the most challenging task for me to make it a part of my routine. But at the same time, it was also extremely important, because that’s how I can get more time to do all my work and to inculcate other habits into my life.

How I did it

I am not at all a morning person, who can wake up absolutely fresh, early in the morning and I am still juggling with it. To make it a habit, I decided to wake up at 5 AM daily for the next 30 days. During these 30 days, I used to sleep early at night, planned some interesting tasks for the next morning so that I can have some motive and excitement to wake up early.

One more thing I did which plays an important part to let me wake up is, I put my alarm far from my bed so that I need to move out of my bed to close it. And Once I step out of bed, there are rare chances to sleep again with the same flow.

Anyway, even after implementing all these strategies, I never woke up at 5. But I used to get up between 5:30 AM- 6 AM, which is still a big milestone for me to be achieved.

How it changed my life

I have absolutely no words to explain, how grateful I feel each morning when I see the sun rising. There is something in the morning that instantly makes you feel positive and fresh. I get some alone and peaceful time to think about my goals and myself. Only after waking up early in the morning, I realized that we have so much time in a day to manage every task of life.

Special Note: For the people, who have night shifts and working late nights, it is not all necessary to wake early up in the morning. But whenever you get up, you can definitely make a fixed routine afterward.

‘Oil Pulling’ Method

 I discovered this detoxification method called ‘Oil Pulling’ last year in 2020. I got so fascinated by the benefits it provides. Oil Pulling is an ancient ayurvedic method to clean out all the toxins from the body and maintaining oral health.

How to do ‘Oil Pulling’

This should be practice early morning, just after you wake up and before brushing your teeth. You need to take a spoon full of any cold-pressed edible oil like coconut oil, mustard oil, etc.  (I use coconut oil). Hold it inside your mouth and squish it.  Then, spit it out after 10-20 mins.

How it changed my life

I am practicing Oil Pulling for almost a year now and it has now become an integral part of my routine. The first change that I experience is that I feel absolutely refreshed while doing it. It also helps to remove the cough from my throat. Another thing I observed by using it is that my skin becomes clearer and more glowing than earlier.

These are my personal experiences. Apart from this, there are many more health benefits of this amazing method of detoxification.


Though Workout was there in my routine earlier also, I never used to be regular in it because of my hectic routine. But now because I am waking up early, hence getting more time to manage the I decided to dedicate at least 45 minutes for 5 days a week to take care of my body.

In these 45 minutes, I do different physical activities every day depending on my choice. Sometimes I usually go for a brisk walk, sometimes I do cardio, Running, or Yoga. Surya Namaskar is the best workout so far. Ultimately, I ensure that I am utilizing this time in any of the physical activities.

How It changed my life

There is no need to tell the importance of doing exercise every day. There are numerous benefits. Fitness is one of them. Apart from this, Personally, taking out some time for a physical workout keeps me energetic throughout the day. Also, I feel motivated to do more hard work.

I also lost decent weight, by working out in these 45 minutes. Read here My full journey of weight loss.

Meditation for at least 20 mins

I just can’t put more stress on how important it is for everyone to do the meditation for at least 20 mins a day. I realized this, only when I started to practice meditation regularly.

I wanted to practice meditation for a long time, but I didn’t know the right way of doing it. Also, I was not able to remain focused for more than 5-10 mins. But then I found The Great Sri Sri Ravishankar’s ‘The Art of Living’ meditation program. And I feel like those meditations are just made for me. I mean they are very powerful yet easy meditation sessions.

How it changed my life

I am so impulsive by nature, also become anxious very soon. After continuing meditation regularly, I feel a different kind of peace internally. I have become more stable than before. Believe me guys, I was not exaggerating at all.

Before including meditation in my life, I had many questions about its output, but Meditation is magical. It is like an Ice Water Bath for me every morning. I feel more energetic and fresher after doing it. The impact and changes meditation brought in my life cannot be understood through words, this can only be experienced by self.

Write Journal & Planners

The habit of writing diaries or journals is not very new to me. Being an introverted person, I always like to write down my thoughts & feelings rather than share them with anyone else. Writing journals and plan your daily routine, writing down all your tasks & goals are the best way to keep my day & mind sorted. Journaling in the evening is used to review and track your performance & work.

How it changed my life-

Before starting my day for work, I always make a list of tasks & activities, which I need to do throughout the day. It helps me to focus on the important work and makes me less distracted. All over, I can be more productive in my work.

I also write down my goals- daily, weekly, monthly & even yearly. It gives me clarity of vision and achievements. I can always track my progress towards them.  

If there is any event or travel plans, so I can write down all details of them like budgeting, shopping list, travel tickets, guest list, etc.

All in one Keeping a Journal handy is like your personal manager. It keeps me well organized, more focused.  Journaling also saves my time and I become less confused after journaling.

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