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10 Steps to End the Year Well & Be Ready for The Journey of New Year – 2021

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The end of every year is the perfect time to review the journey of our last 365 days. There can’t be a better ending than to look back & observe how strongly we make this path on our own this year, say it Good-Bye happily, and then fully prepare ourselves to make new memories in the year ahead.

Especially when the year 2020 was a huge surprise for the whole world in every possible way. The year when a tiny microscopic virus brought us to our knees, stop us in the midway, and make us realized that don’t rush and keep the focus on what actually matters for our existence.

Thus, to make this happen, Just like your Phone & Laptop, Shut down every task & thought for a while, clean yourself Inside Out, Upgrade & Make a Fresh Start. 🙂

 To help you out, we bring here, a few points that will definitely guide you in the process of renewal step by step.

So, what are you waiting for, Let’s Get Started…!!

1. De-clutter the Negativity

Whenever your phone went through the low space & hung up. What did you do? You obviously de-clutter & remove all the unused Photos, Docs & Other kinds of unused stuff from it. Further, you also give it a thought if any stuff is really that important to keep it or not. Isn’t It??

The same process you need to do for the year. If you want to make some space for all the new moments in the coming year, it is very necessary to declutter all unused, negative & toxic thoughts & memory of the going year. That’s what you can make a place for new memories for life.

2. Accept the things you can’t change

There were definitely many circumstances that would come in the year, which was totally uncontrolled, tough & challenging for all of you in some way. There are also, some moments where you made blunders knowingly or unknowingly.

But now the choice is in your hands that if you want to hold it or accept & finish it gracefully.

If you hurt someone, then don’t hesitate to say sorry, If you mistakenly ruin any situation, take a challenge to improve it in the coming year. This way you can unblock all your ego & make your path of the coming year an easy way.

3. Learn & Let go

If there are any situation or memory which you can’t be improved and if it is really impossible to change your feeling associated with that moment. Then the best thing you can do is that just accept it in the way, it is, learns the lesson & let it go.

Many of us usually face a terrible situation that we can’t change. In this condition, we must accept the fact that some situations are not in our hands.

We must also not forget that ‘Everything happens for a good reason in life’. We must face, observe, learn & make it go somewhere in the dump of our mind.

4. Forgive & Forget

I am pretty sure that there are some moments in the year where you feel like you got hurt by someone. Let me tell you one thing, FORGIVE THEM ALL whether they realized their mistake or not.

Trust me, guys…!! It is very important to FORGIVE & FORGET all hurtings. It is good for YOUR sanity. Holding a grudge for someone is like you are holding their weight on your back all time. It will do nothing but only make you heavy & tired

Release their heaviness so that you can breathe easily.

5. Embrace Happy Moments

Now, After releasing and settling down with all the negativity, it’s time to embrace those moments which genuinely made you happy this year. Those moments can be anything, Your achievements, Your moments with Friends & Family, etc.

Make a list of all those times. Trust me this will bring a smile to your face and make you happy again. Also, you will get that positive energy at a different level to move ahead next year.

6. Be Thankful

This is the most important gesture you should do to end the year gracefully. This is my humble request for all of you to please Being grateful for what we got this year-

And if we talk about the year 2020, we have so much to be thankful for. There are millions of reasons, like –

  1. We & our loved ones are perfectly Healthy & Happy.
  2. We have a credible job or some work to do.
  3. We are having money in our hands to feed ourselves & our Family.
  4. We have food on our plates.
  5. We have clothes to wear.
  6. We have a home to be absolutely safe & can do whatever we want.

OMG…!! The list is long. Acknowledging the things for which you’re blessed is the foundation of all the abundance.

7. Deep Clean & Zipped-Up

Congratulations…!! Now You have wrapped your year 2020 successfully.  So, here’s the summary –

You have rewind back to the year, reviewed all good & bad moments throughout the year, analyzed them according to your wisdom, cleaned all the negative clutters, rewarded the positive ones, sort out the priorities.

It’s time to make a folder named past year, say 2020. Keep all the above kinds of stuff in it. Don’t forget to zip it, it is important to make it less important & compressed so that you can make your new priorities & important things.

Place that zipped folder somewhere back in your memory. You can still open it whenever you want.

8. Let’s Celebrate

It’s time to open your heart out & celebrate. The celebration is very important. It gives us a sense of achievement. It is a sign that no matter whatever happened last year.

The beginning of anything in our life should be filled with lots of celebrations, smiles, enjoyment & togetherness.

9. Make a Fresh Start

Welcome the new year with full of Energy & Excitement. And It is great if you set new goals for yourself, Make plans for your betterment.

Any journey will be smooth if we Start it with proper planning & Strategy. Isn’t It.

10. Ready to Go

Now What, From Here, you’ll write your own brand new story. Work Hard, Enjoy Success, learn from the Mistakes, Share Love & Happiness with others.

Be Stronger, Be Better Every Year…!!


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